Japanese Restaurant and Bar

120Japanese food is a delectable riot of colours and flavours. However, barring Sushi, Japanese food does not enjoy the same popularity in India as Chinese food does. But Japanese food is slowing catching on as more and more Indians are discovering a new taste. Sushi bars are now quite popular in several Indian metros. But Japanese food is much more than just Sushi as Indians are discovering to their gastronomical delight. Restaurants that offer excellent Japanese food and ambience are coming up in several parts of Indian metros, especially places that see a lot of influx of tourists. Gurgaon, with its array of eateries does boast of having some really delightful food haunts. It has become home to a handful of Japanese restaurants of which Gohan – our Japanese Restaurant and Bar is a proud member. Let’s take a closer look at what you can have at Gohan.

The Menu, The Food, The Ingredients

Any good Japanese Restaurant and Bar thrives on the variety in its menu. This is what we strive to achieve at Gohan. There is a whole lot variety in Japanese food and it is our wish to be able to serve something of choice to everyone no matter what a person’s individual tastes are. Our food is made from the freshest of seasonal produce and authentic, good quality ingredients that ensure excellent aroma and flavor. Whether it is a bowl of soup, starters or desert, the quality and taste of our food is unmatched. Diners can opt for either vegetarian or non-vegetarian fare both of which have ample variety to please our guests. We are the most renowned Japanese Restaurant and Bar in Gurgaon and we most definitely aim to please!

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Pune’s growing culinary scene, an aspect worth exploring

106When on a tour of Pune, there are so many things that one can do.

Obviously, visiting the most prominent tourist spots remains the most popular activity, however, while in the city it is also worth taking some time out and explore the growing culinary scene in the city.

Often dubbed as Pensioner’s Paradise, Pune is a fast developing city and the developing culinary scene of Pune is unquestionably not in the mood to resign, yet. From being home to only a couple of nice eateries a few decades back from today, the business hub is presently overflowing with distinct advantages that additionally incorporate new options including home culinary specialists, food delivery at your door steps, and online portals, conveying their A-game to the table. It is obvious that the city is one of the top most visited places in India and the tourists count is as yet growing. Rich history, great culture, intellectual locals, beautiful surroundings, festivals, temperate weather, luxuries of modernity, great food, and others to include, it is simply hard to oversee Pune, when thinking about holidaying in India. However, before you get too excited and book the one of the next Delhi to Pune flights, or Ahmedabad to Pune train, etc. here are some of the best of Pune’s developing gourmet scene.

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