Advantages of eating Chinese food

119Chinese food has created a mass hysteria worldwide during the recent years.

It used to remain mysterious food for the centuries as china never allowed any foreign visitors to enter into their land. Now since they have opened the door for everybody many people have learned about their amazing fat free yet.

Rice and vegetable is their basic food. Chinese people are very orthodox minded and superstitious. During earlier days many people had spoilt the image of china since they were not allowed to enter the country. There was news that the people in china are staving to eat and living on trees. They eat everything and anything they find on the earth including reptiles but the fact was far from various fabricated stories. Today they are the people taking great pride in eating Chinese food and using Chinese materials.

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Thailand’s Food

114Thailand foods are popular for being spicy and hot and all kinds of Thai cooking are prepared with the ingredients like chilies, lime juice, garlic, coconut milk,, fish sauce, and shrimp paste. Rice is the primary food for Thailand people. People eat every food with curries, soups, and with fresh vegetables. Nam Phrink is one kind of sauces which is made in number of forms and varies from one place to another. For seasoning the Thailand food people use black pepper, tamarind juice, coconut milk and ginger. To make traditional Thailand food, it will take more time because it deals with peeling, chopping and pounding. So it is better to calculate the time in advance and start the work. The fundamental feature taste of Thailand food in various areas of the country can be said in several ways. In the central, the food will be hot, sweet, sour and salty. Rice will be served with various kinds of nam Phrink and soups. Thai dishes has plenty of spices and in the north side, it will be mild sour and salty. Boiled vegetables and sticky rice is also prepared and it will be served with curries and soups. In the northeast side, Thailand food is hot, sour and salty. The desired foods are papaya salad, chopped meat and meat salad. The skill lies in choosing and making of the ingredients. Thai cooks are specialist in managing the cutting devices and they have special ability in slicing, carving fruits and vegetables, meat. The most important tool in Thai cooking is sharp knives, pestle and mortar.

Thailand’s food is well known in making and presenting with fresh fruits and desserts. The skill of chef will be displayed in the decoration of the fruits. The peeling of the fruit or vegetables needs more attention that a bronze knife and thin blade are used. Some types of fruits are peeled and cut in to different sections by removing the seeds from it and some are carved by showing their talents in limitless shapes. Mostly evening are spent in the big open air hotels with taste Thailand foods. Different kinds of Thai dishes will be served with soft drinks and beer. Each and every restaurants covers number of acres and so servers will have a silent roller skaters on their legs. A Thai food will be not completed without soup. Most of the Thai desserts are done with fruits. The colorful desserts are coconut meat with milk, palm sugar prepared with egg yolks and more. There are plenty of places where you can get Thailand food at cheap rate and food parks are seen in big shopping mall.

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Holidays to Nepal – a Culinary Pilgrimage

110Going on Nepal holidays from India is fairly easy as the two countries are connected via air, road and rail. Several Indian airline companies operate flights to and from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu from Delhi and Mumbai. Only one train runs between the two nations from Raxaul in Bihar to Parsa in Nepal. Once in Nepal, tourists can see various museums, historical sites and national parks. Trekking is another good activity as there are a lot of trails that can be taken to different valleys, peaks, lakes and mountainous villages. Indulging in the local culture is perhaps the best way to experience the life and understand the country. The culture here is heavily influenced by the original Hindu inhabitants and the Buddhist, who came here from India and Tibet. Sampling the local dishes will elevate the joy of holidaying here to unprecedented levels and give tourists a new perspective of the culture and lifestyle of this landlocked nation.

Dominant Cuisine

Dal-Bhat, typical of the hilly areas, is the national and most widely consumed dish. Bhat means rice, which is soaked in water and then boiled or pressure cooked. Dal is a mildly spiced soup made from different types of lentils and legumes. Its traditional accompaniment is tarkari, a vegetable dish, which may be dry or curried. Green leafy vegetables, radish, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin or any other vegetable can be used to make the tarkari. With the advancement in agriculture techniques, new grains are also being cultivated and consumed. Wheat is used to make a flat-bread, called roti while buckwheat, maize, millet and barley are used to cook porridge. Fruits, grown in the region, such as orange, lime, lemon, pear, bayberry and mangoes are also an important part of the diet. Due to the relatively less agricultural feasibility during winters, the hilly people resort to eating meat of animals like hens, buffaloes, yaks, fish and wild boar. Another popular side to the main dishes is natural yoghurt, made fresh every day.

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